Is Matcha Green Tea Good for You? - The Benefits Matcha Green Tea

According to most fitness magazines, the powerful matcha tea is one of the best tools to burn body fat. The equivalent of normally brewed tea and a single cup of matcha green tea would be a whopping ten cups.



The reason behind that is that you get the full one hundred percent of ingredients that each leaf of the Matcha Green Tea delivers. Those, however, are not the only benefits as the tea is known for its positive impact on any person’s individual health.


 Keep in mind that you should still consult with your doctor if you were previously advised to follow some sort of a strict diet. While the tea is absolutely natural, different medical conditions would require different types of food and beverages to be ingested to lead a proper life. All of that being said here are a few health advantages the matcha green tea could deliver.

Supplies Your Body with a Tremendous Amount of Antioxidants

For your body’s systems to function properly, they fight off all kinds of bacteria every second, even as you read those lines. Our aim is not to make you self-aware on the topic, as it is a fully natural thing to happen within anyone’s body. The main reasons we are able to do properly fight all of them off are the antioxidants spread through our blood. Matcha Tea is considered the powerhouse of antioxidants compared to any other sort of tea. It will deliver an enormous dose of antioxidants and enhance the performance of your immune system to its full capacity.

Antioxidants are one of the main reasons some people age slower than other and prevent chronical diseases from developing. In modern days, many types of foods also called “superfoods” are promoted because of their properties of having the high substance of antioxidants. The one which is considered to have the most is the Goji berry.

That being said, the matcha green tea has almost six times as many antioxidants. Its properties are unprecedented and unparalleled in comparison to any other natural substance. Those are not simple claims made by production companies but are proven through scientific research in different universities. The measuring unit is called ORAC or oxygen radical absorbance capacity. On average the green tea leaves have around 1573 units per gram, the goji berry has 253.